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The Worlds Best Chilli Con Carne.... well, one of them :)

Hello family, friends, acquaintances, strangers and fools alike.

I have been told that creating an interesting blog will help draw visitors to my business website so I have decided to give it a go. To be honest, I do not really know what 'blog' means "Google it!" I hear you all shout. I guess it is just a kind of cross between a diary and a notice board but I don't yet know how you 'surfers' can respond to it. I hope to have figured that out by the time I get to the bottom of this page.

Anyway, since a neighbour just asked for my 'Chilli' recipe (or receipt as they say here in Sweden) so I thought I would make that my first 'blog'. Is blog in the dictionary yet?

So, I had a think about the best way to present a recipe and (thanks to Haynes Workshop Manuals) decided lots of photos would make life easy for me and you. So, may I present my first ......................................


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