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Web Video

Welcome to the home of G10 films.

Web Video (Videomercials / infomercials), the new way to advertise your business.

G10 Films, an independent filmmaker based on the Costa Del Sol between Marbella and Estepona. We  specialize in making affordable media for website promotion. With the development of the Internet, methods of advertising have been totally transformed and continue to develop at a staggering pace and one important area of growth is videomercials.
A videomercial is essentially a short marketing video designed to sell your product or service in three minutes or less.
If a picture can paint a thousand words .......
Our aim is to produce high quality but affordable videomercials for businesses to incorporate into their websites and gain that edge in the marketplace.

We were present at the Eurovision Song Contest Malmö 2013 to make a web infomercial (webformercial) for the accreditation company

A webformercial for a hotel in Överlida, Svenljunga.

We made this film for a well respected restaurant that was however difficult to find. We used our UAV's to fly the route from Spain to  the Potuguese restaurant on the beach

We made this webformercial for a Swedish camp site.

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